The best way to find the perfect doula for you!

Edmonton doula
A lovely gift from one of my clients! As if getting to witness their birth wasn’t enough of a gift already!

Doulas in Edmonton (and likely everywhere else) can attest to this statement – we have a type! Though I love each and every family I support, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look back at specific births with more overjoyed emotion  than others. This has little to do with what was happening in the moment and more with my connection with the couple. I genuinely feel like when I walk away from some births, that I’ve made a soul connection with people I didn’t even know before 9 months ago. This is a feeling that I, as an Edmonton doula, wish all could feel in whatever we do for work. This is, after all, essential to human nature – to serve others and treat them the way we wish to be treated, therefore relating in some way.

Now as amazing as this feeling is, being this connected with a client, it’s not easy to find the type of people that bring me this level of joy. I’m sure many doulas can attest to being hired by a couple that is not a total personality match, and it doesn’t feel like this. In fact, some situations feel downright yucky! So I’ve decided to write about a little tip for expecting parents when you head out on your search for an Edmonton doula. It’s simple really – you need to ask a friend!

How did you find your hairdresser? Your massage therapist? Your favourite bar? Your gym? Your friends? I can guarantee that all of you reading this can answer at least one of these with “through a friend”. That’s because we trust our friends to deliver the honest truth about services! You’re likely friends with people because you’ve got something in common. Similar personalities, similar faith and beliefs, similar occupation, etc. You trust your friends recommendations because you know that they have done the dirty work for you. They’ve tried the service, probably more than once, and they know it’s quality and that it’s a great fit for you. So when it comes to hiring a doula, I HIGHLY encourage you all to do the same!

As a doula in Edmonton, nothing brings me more happiness then when I get a referral for a new client from an old one. Seriously this is such a great feeling and it’s not just about flattery (though that is a small part of course ;). It’s more the fact that the couple was referred to me through someone I’ve already worked with and who appreciated my help enough to want me to support the people they care most about too. When I get referrals from past clients it also reaffirms that my love for them was also reciprocated, and to know that I positively impacted their lives is precisely why I love being a doula so much!

So now you know that it’s good on both ends for you to find your doula based on referral – so before you start your search for an Edmonton doula, ask your network and see if you can find a referral from someone you trust! Specifically, find someone you know who used a doula who has a similar personality to you so there’s a higher chance that doula will be a match. If you are interested in a doula but don’t know anyone who’s used one, I encourage you to check out the referral list on the Doula Association of Edmonton (click to go their page). Happy hunting! I hope you all find the perfect doula for you 😊


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