Beyond the Pod

I know in this age, the age of the pandemic and therefore, the rise in the world online, we need connection. As grateful as I am to have reached so many using traditional social media apps, Im ready to explore more! Im ready to have deep and meaningful conversations that expand on topics I explore on my podcast like birth, activism, dance, cannabis, sex, etc. So I’ve created a couple of additional ways each of my fans can get in touch and grow with me in community.

First off, join my email list for monthly updates on what Im up to, and conversations were having that month. It’s free to join and you’ll hear from me once per month!

Second, I don’t know if you’ve heard but Clubhouse is the cool new place to be! It’s a space where we chat (audio only) virtually, you have an opportunity to speak yourself or ask questions, but you can also just join in by listening. Here’s the link to join:

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