The best way to find the perfect doula for you!

Doulas in Edmonton (and likely everywhere else) can attest to this statement – we have a type! Though I love each and every family I support, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look back at specific births with more overjoyed emotion  than others. This has little to do with what was happening inContinue reading “The best way to find the perfect doula for you!”

How to have a “mindful” pregnancy and birth

The word “mindful” has become a regular word in many people’s vocabulary and I’ll be the first to admit that as an Edmonton doula, I use it often. Meditation has completely changed my life and I’ve felt compelled to share why with everyone I know, but especially with those about to birth a baby becauseContinue reading “How to have a “mindful” pregnancy and birth”

The scoop with occasional drinking during pregnancy

**Disclaimer: I am not a medical care provider and the following post should not be conceived as medical advice to drink or not to drink during pregnancy. As a doula I am here to present the available evidence on the matter, and as a mom I will simply state my non-medical opinion** Mamas, if you’reContinue reading “The scoop with occasional drinking during pregnancy”

Cardinal Movements – the Dance of Childbirth

As a doula in Edmonton, AB, I find myself asking why many concepts around labour and delivery are not more discussed – especially at the childbirth classes in Edmonton. The cardinal movements are one of those concepts, and for those of you who know what they are and what ways they can impact the birthContinue reading “Cardinal Movements – the Dance of Childbirth”

How to make the best of Gestational Diabetes

So you’ve received the annoying news that you’ve got “the ‘betus” (as my husband calls it). You went through that awful screening where you had to wait, bored out of your mind, at the clinic after drinking a horrible orange drink all to get poked, probably twice… and now you’ve confirmed with your care providerContinue reading “How to make the best of Gestational Diabetes”