Can you REALLY birth without having a Vaginal Exam?

So I’ve gotta say, vaginal exams SUCK. I’ve experienced them myself and I’ve watched the clients I support as an Edmonton doula struggle through them countless amounts of times. However, most of us Edmonton mama’s just accept the uncomfortable pain because they are very important. After all they tell you how far dilated you are!Continue reading “Can you REALLY birth without having a Vaginal Exam?”

My Journey to Becoming an Edmonton Doula

I recently got asked by one of my previous Edmonton prenatal class students (thanks for the inspo Alicia!) about how I came to be an Edmonton doula, and it hit me how much I love telling the story of my journey. So why not dedicate a whole blog post to it! The path that leadContinue reading “My Journey to Becoming an Edmonton Doula”

Who’s delivering your baby? Why this really matters!

As a doula in Edmonton I witness the impacts that fear and insecurity have on someone’s birth process. It’s crazy because the smallest things you wouldn’t even think make a difference can literally wreak havoc on your plans for a peaceful and safe birth (I get more into this in my Fear-Tension-Pain post). Some ofContinue reading “Who’s delivering your baby? Why this really matters!”

Trust your body: what does that really mean?

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned through attending births as a doula in Edmonton, it’s that our mindset going into labour is one of the most, if not the MOST important factor in both getting your labour to progress and having an overall satisfying birth experience. The state that your mind is in whenContinue reading “Trust your body: what does that really mean?”

5 Tips for Surviving a Long Labour

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, I hope you’ll have realized by now just how unpredictable birth is. Regardless of how your pregnancy has been so far, or how your mom birthed, birth will take place whenever and however it must! I’ve covered the side about rapid birth in my Precipitous BirthContinue reading “5 Tips for Surviving a Long Labour”

Precipitous Labour & Birth- When Babies Can’t Wait to Join the World!

I was recently at a birth where a first-time-mom had her baby incredibly fast. In this particular case, stage 2 was the speedy part, but I know that there are many parents out there that have speedy first-stages as well (have we all seen those photos of the woman in Kansas who gave birth toContinue reading “Precipitous Labour & Birth- When Babies Can’t Wait to Join the World!”

Had a Cesarean? What you need to know about your scar tissue

Since having my second unplanned cesarean, I’ve been dedicated to both my personal recovery process and “preaching the good word” to potential clients of mine as an Edmonton doula. As someone who has had cesareans, supported women in the OR while having cesareans and supported women through VBAC’s (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), I’d like toContinue reading “Had a Cesarean? What you need to know about your scar tissue”

The Lost Art of Uninterrupted Pushing

I’ve officially entered back into the adventures of being an on-call Edmonton doula, after taking a hiatus from attending births following my own pregnancy… and boy did I miss this! In the coming months I’ll be pushed out of my comfort zone and attending primarily home births (most of my previous clients have delivered inContinue reading “The Lost Art of Uninterrupted Pushing”