How to use your BRAIN for birth!

If you have been following my previous posts, you’ll know by now how much of a fan I am of informed decision making during the childbirth process. Being an Edmonton birth doula and Edmonton prenatal class instructor, it should come as no surprise that I believe women should be respected and given the option toContinue reading “How to use your BRAIN for birth!”

What you should know about the Stages of Labour

Any basic Birth 101 class *should* teach you the 3 stages of labour and what to expect from your body during each. As an Edmonton birth doula and Edmonton childbirth educator, I’ve studied these stages like the back of my hand and have seen or heard of them coming to fruition in various ways. IContinue reading “What you should know about the Stages of Labour”

Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome, De-bunked!

So as a first-time-mom preparing for your birth, I’m sure either one of two things are happening in your life right now. You’re either A) freaked right out by stories that people are telling you about the “worst pain you’ll ever experience everrrrr” or B) so annoyed with everyone telling you “I just did thisContinue reading “Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome, De-bunked!”

Tales of a Pregnant Doula – Part 1

I am currently pregnant with baby number two, and expecting his arrival August 2017. This is an entirely new experience for me which some may find surprising, as I already have a child! However, when I was pregnant with my daughter I hadn’t ventured into the world of professional childbirth work and comparatively speaking, IContinue reading “Tales of a Pregnant Doula – Part 1”

Why every mom needs Postpartum Physio

Let me start this post by asking you all a question: how many times have you been told that being a mom means almost (or actually) peeing yourself every time you sneeze/jump/laugh? Or that as soon as the 6 week immediate postpartum period is up, you can jump right back into your exercise regime toContinue reading “Why every mom needs Postpartum Physio”

To Induce or Not to Induce…

Induction should be a word that you all have heard before. In today’s birth culture, getting induced is incredibly common, with roughly 21% of births in Canada being either medically or surgically induced (according to the Canadian Perinatal Health Report from 2005). As an Edmonton birth doula and an instructor of Edmonton prenatal classes, IContinue reading “To Induce or Not to Induce…”

Why I wish more people would attempt VBACs

The cesarean rate in Alberta and even in Canada, at the moment, is around 15% higher than the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends. I can’t say I am surprised at this statement, since so many of the people I talk to lately have had cesareans. I’m included in this population, so I know how valuableContinue reading “Why I wish more people would attempt VBACs”